Frequently Asked Questions 

How much are hair extensions?

Hair extension prices will vary depending on the length, colour, amount and method of application. We will discuss this when you come in for your consultation at the salon. We do this so that we can offer you the best price for extensions based on what you need not a 'one size fits all' type of price! If you would like a rough guide you can check out the online price list, however this should be used as a guide only and exact price will be confirmed in person.

Do I have to have a consultation? 

Yes. All clients will need to come in for a consultation before having extensions. This will give me the opportunity to see you natural hair and decide what method, length, colour and thickness would be best for you based on your lifestyle. Every head is different which is why we are unable to quote before a consultation. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you have before committing. If you are booking your fitting date online before coming in for your consultation please allow at least one week after you consultation to ensure the hair arrives in time. 


Will hair extensions damage my natural hair?

The key to having healthy and damage free hair when having extensions is making sure they are applied, removed and cared for correctly. 

If they are not fitted correctly or not removed correctly this can cause damage. Aftercare plays a huge part when it comes your extensions. You need to make sure your refits are booked in on time to ensure we can rotate your extensions properly ensuring your natural hair is being cared for. 

What products do you recommend using on my extensions?

We recommend using the Beauty Works aftercare range on your new extensions. The hair is tried and tested on the extensions so we know that they are suitable and will help your extensions to last. You should always be using a sulphate free shampoo. For other advice please read our aftercare page.

How should I come to consultations/fittings?

Please arrive to your consultation with clean & straight hair. This will enable us to colour match correctly. It is also important that you arrive with the hair colour you would like to be, and not have it done again before your fitting appointment.

When coming for your extensions fitting/refit you need to come with clean, straight hair. We recommend washing your hair either the night before or the morning of your appointment with shampoo and a very small amount of conditioner through the ends (avoid the roots) and no other product. If you arrive with oily or greasy hair you will need to rearrange your appointment. We cannot fit/refit extensions when your natural hair is oily/greasy as the bonds will slide.

Can I use the sunbeds or go swimming/on holiday with my extensions? 

UV rays from the sun can cause heat damage or colour discolouration, therefore always be cautious with over exposing your hair to the sun on holiday. The same goes for sunbeds, if you do use sunbeds we advise putting a something such as a T-shirt over your hair to protect from the strong UV rays which cause discolouration. 

If you go on holiday or go near chlorine/salt water Beauty Works strongly advise you do not get your hair wet. Both can dry and damage your hair, and chlorine can turn your blonde extensions green in colour. If you chose to wet your hair on holiday it is at your own risk, I would advise wearing in a neat plait to avoid matting. I would also rinse and brush thoroughly immediately after. Have a look at Beauty Works After Sun products to take away with you for additional nourishment. 

Another big thing to watch out for on holiday is sun lotion, most sun creams will tint your hair a pinky colour, so it is so important again to be careful of this, especially spray/mist creams. If you are applying sun lotion tie your hair up and keep put of the way. Malibu C hard water remedy sachets can help reverse the stains however isn’t guaranteed. 

How long do extensions last for?

Nano Rings, Tapes & Weaves can last up to 12 months with excellent aftercare however blonde clients to expect around 9 months as lighter hair tends to not last as long sometimes as it is coloured. These methods are reusable.

Pre-bonded last around 4-5 months until you will need them replacing, after this you will have to have a brand new set. 


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